Reconditioned Packaging

A Lower Cost Alternative To New Packaging

We collect industrial containers from most major manufacturers.  As such, we are able to offer an equally wide range of reconditioned IBCs, plastic and steel drums as well as rebottled IBCs to our customers.  We can provide varied specifications and sizes for both UN or non UN approved containers.

Vertical Integration With A Global Leader of Industrial Packaging

Since 2004, NCG is vertically integrated with Mauser Group, one of the leading global producers of industrial packagings. Together with Mauser, NCG is able to supply guaranteed volumes that can be a combination of new and reconditioned packaging for our customers.

Steel Drums

We can provide a wide range of open and tight head steel drums from selected locations. more

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)

NCG collects your empty containers and provides you with reconditioned IBCs that fit your specifications. more

Plastic Drums

We can supply you with both open and tight head plastic drums. more