Collection of used empty packaging

Collection at production plants or customer sites

NCG has established a global collection network for empty packaging. We have a standardized collection program for the return of containers from your facilities or from your customers' location.  We can also provide a customized collection program using highly developed logitic efficiences that can supply you with SwapBodies or drop trailers if required.  

Environmental friendly collection of different types of packaging

NCG collects IBCs and drums from most major manufacturers. In many cases, various types of packings can be consolidated on one trailer thereby streamlining the collection process.  This business philosophy was developed in an effort create an environmental friendly process that promotes sustainability.

NCG offers different models for the collection of empty packagings. Please refer to the description of our models by clicking on the links below.

Customized Return Programs

Collection at Production Plants or Customer Sites more

Mauser/NCG Recollect Program

We collect any type of IBC and drums you can arrange with us to have it picked up and removed from your site. more