One "call" does it all! Our Recollection Service.

With more than 20 years experience in reconditioning of industrial packaging we know well on the importance of a sophisticated collection service for empty industrial packaging. "One call does it all" is our commitment for the most simple and smooth recollection service of used empty industrial packaging in the industry.

  • You have to take care about different types of empty industrial packaging? We collect IBCs, steel drums & plastic drums.
  • You do not want to call multiple manufacturers for collection of only their own products? We collect packaging from most major manufacturers.
  • You like to be have the same high quality service whereever you operate your business? We offer our collection service from all our global operations & network partners.
  • You value direct business contact? Our service is operated by local experts knowing the "language" you speak.

Please choose the region to request the NCG Recollection Service.

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