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Reconditioned Packaging

We collect various packaging types from most major manufacturers and, as such, we are able to offer an equally wide range for resale. This includes intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), plastic and steel drums in varying specifications and sizes including UN or non-UN approved. more

Customized Services

NCG offers customized collection service for your containers. more

Collection of Used Packaging

NCG has established a global network for the collection of empty, used industrial containers. We can provide "Recollect", our standardized collection program, or we can customize a program for you and your customers that can include drop trailers or swap bodies.  Over the years of providing these services, we have developed proven logistical efficiencies that will enhance your company's sustainability requirements. more


NCG optimizes the use of our geographical footprint to improve packaging logistics for the benefit of both us and our customers. more

Special & News

Bruehl, Germany | May 29, 2015

MAUSER Group and Janus Vaten B.V. Combine Forces in NCG France

MAUSER Group and Janus Vaten B.V. signed a joint venture agreement “NCG France North” extending their successful cooperation to the North of France. MAUSER sells 49% of shares in NCG France to Janus Vaten B.V.

MAUSER’s facility including all employees in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux will continue operations under management of Directeur Genéral Pim Janus. The sales team will consist of Au…

Durban, South Africa | May 18, 2015

NCG Container Solutions SA and Megapak re-align their IBC market offering

National Container Group (NCG), a MAUSER Group company based in Durban South Africa, have concluded an agreement to acquire the IBC cage manufacturing line from Megapak Drums, a Division of Nampak LTD and Licensee of MAUSER Maschinentechnik GmbH.

From 1st July 2015 NCG will take over the marketing and sales of IBCs in the Sub Saharan Africa market. Megapak will continue the manufacturing of IBC b…

Bruehl, Germany | May 04, 2015

MAUSER acquires Greif plastic drum and IBC business in Brazil

MAUSER Group, a worldwide leading company in industrial packaging based in Bruehl, Germany, acquired the plastic drum and IBC business of Greif in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The acquisition was effective May 1, 2015 with the newly added business providing MAUSER a broader customer base to supply its industry leading line of plastic packaging as well as its line of IBCs.

The investment made by MAUSER to a…